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Wunderman Thompson Partners with The 3% Movement

Continuing Our Commitment to Inclusion and Diversity

We are proud partners of The 3% Movement - a movement committed to honoring and supporting underrepresented communities.

At Wunderman Thompson, we know inclusion and diversity is an ongoing conversation. It means looking beyond the conventional and seeing the world differently. It’s a commitment to making sure that marginalized, underrepresented, and unorthodox voices are heard. Equally, we believe that diversity, inclusivity, and the coming together of the world’s most eclectic minds can redefine our industry and drive innovation.

This means recruiting, retaining, and engaging top talent. It means committing to inclusive working practices. And investing in our people so they can do great things for our clients. Above all, it means treating everyone equally and with mutual respect.

This is how we inspire growth for ambitious brands. A wide range of views and experiences helps us create purposeful work that better connects our clients and their diverse customers. Put simply, we believe an inclusive culture is a competitive advantage. There are three crucial components to bringing an inclusive culture to life.

The first is People; ensuring we empower our employees to be the very best they can be. The second is Process; constantly creating new and unexpected ways to collaborate. The third is Place; enabling safe and respectful workplaces around the world.

As we continue to develop learning and engagement programs that celebrate our differences and ensure that we at Wunderman Thompson are greater than the sum of our parts, we also look back to our long relationship with The 3% Movement to find inspiration in its evolution.

We look forward to continuing this conversation in partnership with The 3% Movement.

Take a look at this curated collection of thought leadership, highlighting our long commitment to inclusion and diversity, that shows just how far we’ve come - and how much work there is to do.

Let the Data Do the Talking

While workplace email etiquette is a well-worn topic, often anecdotal and subjective, running it through data analysis is not. This new study takes it beyond etiquette, to study the gendered dynamics of workplace email. The results are surprising, and don’t fall into common stereotypes.

Tiny Rebellions

In a very short time, we’ve become aware of shortcomings in government and leadership, in supply chains, and in the lack of support for education. Add systemic racism and misogyny into the 2020 mix and it feels insurmountable. But we mustn’t forget that rebellions start small.

Shut Up and Hire Her

An aha moment leads to the realization that meaningful diversity will not come about from our own efforts, but when smart clients demand it. It takes all of us - agency and clients - to deliver the best work.

The UX of Implicit Bias

According to Kelsey Pytlik of Gild Collective, former advertising alum and UX designer, implicit bias has four components: the user flow, the wireframe, the flat design, and what we call the “live state.”

Blurred Lines

Gen Z has an entirely different mindset around how to be inclusive. This generation is not defined by gender. Brands should take note on how to accommodate shifting expectations around gender identity.

The Future of Business Depends on These Four Traits

Ambition and a sense of fearlessness have long been considered requirements for career advancement and effective leadership. But times have changed. Business success now critically depends on embracing the so-called “soft skills”.

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