For more than six months the world watched as Hong Kong’s streets erupted into chaos as the city’s youth vented deep frustrations. Although an unpopular political bill acted as the catalyst, the fires of discontent were fueled by a complex array feelings, fears and frustrations.

As the dust begins to settle, many questions remain around the causes and consequences of the unrest.

What is clear, however, is that Generation Z – conscientious youth in their teens and early 20s – are an incredibly important, ignored and misunderstood generation.

This is the most global, connected generation ever – more politically aware, more environmentally conscious and more socially progressive. As such, the tactics employed to engage their Millennial brethren are by no means likely to succeed.

As part of a recent study into Asia’s Generation Z, we sought to understand the lives and outlook of Hong Kong’s youth. In the largest study of its kind, 500 young Hongkongers shared with us their hopes, fears, habits and lifestyles.

The results reveal nuanced approaches to technology and media, shopping, health and wellness, money, heroes, concerns, diversity, gender, sexuality and politics.

Read the full report.

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