Inspire InFocus is the world’s largest social study on inspiration. Based on robust data and deep insight, it focuses an investigative lens on people’s evolving preferences for the stories, experiences and icons that spark their imagination and motivate change. The study is informed by more than 16,000 interviews globally to uncover macro trends in inspiration, and the fundamental human values that drive them.  An understanding of people’s inspiration preferences provides a critical key to growth for any business. As revealed in our 2020 “Inspiring Growth” study, Inspiration scores predict 63% of the variation in consumer demand for brands, 52% of brands’ ability to command higher prices, and 48% of brands’ ability to convert customers at the point of purchase. Wherever you look, inspiration is a powerful growth accelerant.  

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Inspire is a global research initiative that uncovers a never-before-identified connection between brand growth and human inspiration. Putting inspiration at the heart of everything we do, we have designed a suite of services rooted in consumer data that empowers brands to inspire customers to react in new ways, and in turn build better business.  

The foundation of Inspire is a rigorous, multidimensional research methodology, including qualitative and quantitative research across four continents, and sophisticated data analytics. Based on over 20,000 interviews, we’ve identified the qualities a brand must embody, the narratives it should weave, and the experiences it can design in order to spark people’s inspiration.

Inspire has two core components: 

Inspire InFocus: an annual consumer tracker surveying 16,000 people worldwide that reveals what inspires people. Inspire Infocus feeds our proprietary syndicated motivational segmentation, which enables brands to apply these powerful insights to target audiences and strengthen their marketing strategies.

Inspire Score: a proprietary brand diagnostic tool that identifies the brand attributes that fuel growth through their power to inspire people, culminating in an annual list of the world’s top 100 most inspiring brands. Validated by consumer data and expert analysis, the Inspire Score enables our teams to audit more than 125,000 brands worldwide from over 1700 categories in 34 sectors, and provide a road map to greater inspiration and growth.

Download Inspire InFocus Global Report

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