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(Wunderman Thompson + Mirum)
32-34 rue Marbeuf
Paris 75008

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Wunderman Thompson Toulouse (Mirum)

10 Rue des Trente Six Ponts
Toulouse 31400

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Wunderman Thompson Lille (Choreograph)

27 Bis Rue du Vieux Faubourg
Lille 59800

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Help brand to grow

The test of the times and the new consumer

Never before have brands faced such distrust or indifference.

At a time when they are facing an all-out disruption, and while they must accelerate their transformation, they are challenged by more mature, lucid and demanding consumers.

A role to play in our lives, a part of our future to invent

At Wunderman Thompson we believe in brands and business.

For more than 120 years we have been helping them prosper, and now, more than ever, we are convinced that they are useful to the world, to its progress. That they will help, to their measure, to meet the challenges of our society

That is why we help them to understand the world to better transform themselves, to be always more useful, desirable & sustainable, to grow.

We are driven by three convictions

  • Our ability to see the world differently and to reject conventional reasoning.
  • An open-ended creative approach that inspires brand experiences that allies business and contemporary culture.
  • Our commitment to delivering on our engagement, controlling our end-to-end deliverables, and creating value for our customers.


Newell Brands

The Safety Squad

Turning a product innovation into an advertising innovation to protect babies
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4 Sweetheart

When your belly is on your side/Bike

Activia unveals its new communication platform in France
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Work FR Activia v2

To the citizen bubbles!

Lorina, the lemonade that makes the French sparkle.
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Work FR Lorina

More From Less/Incoa

More from Less, is the new challenge of Incoa chocolate launched by Nestlé®
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Work FR Nestle Incoa v2


Futures 2022

Commerce Futures 2022

A look at the leading trends set to form the backbone of consumer demand over the next decade
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HERO Cover image no text

The Future 100: 2022

Il nostro rapporto annuale sulle 100 tendenze da tenere d'occhio per il prossimo anno.
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HERO D7 A1639 HR

New trend report: Into the Metaverse

Emerging consumer trends and brand opportunities in the metaverse
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Banner 1600 x 900

Inspire B2B

Inspiring brands are 5x more likely to be a B2B buyer's first choice
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Metavers les echos

The concept of the metaverse is gaining popularity but remains poorly understood

In less than a year, the number of people who have heard of this concept has more than doubled, according to a study conducted by the agency Wunderman Thompson.
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Plage WT Cannes 2022

A beach in the metaverse at Cannes Lions 2022

An immersive activity created by the international agency Wunderman Thompson in partnership with the Odyssey metaverse platform.
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Commerce futures 2022

The 20 new retail trends to know in 2022

Wunderman Thompson unveils its Commerce Futures 2022 report, to help professionals plan for the year ahead and beyond.
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Ysl nft 600 L2 B Uz Ja

YSL Beauté Steps Into Web3

L’Oréal Group iconic brand embarks on a journey to explore the latest digital frontiers with Wunderman Thompson France
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