We have seen an unprecedented shift in the last two years to the digital world and increasingly, we’re using it to do things we once did only in a physical world. This couldn’t be truer of Adobe Summit 2022, the world’s largest digital experience conference, with thousands of attendees tuning in worldwide to more than 200 sessions, insights, and real-life customer stories.

Awarded Solution Partner of the Year 2021 – UKI, it only felt right for WPP to host an exclusive watch party in London, getting together with colleagues and Adobe friends to celebrate our partnership and joint client success over the last year. Here’s just a small summary of what we heard.

Organisations that develop true customer connections will thrive in the digital economy.

Shantanu Narayen

Adobe CEO

Shantanu kicked off the Adobe Summit keynote by emphasising that the digital economy is bigger than ever, and the impact of the pandemic has been astronomical. As individuals, we have redefined our habits and expectations, as well as changing how we work. But companies have also had to shift their outlooks to meet customer needs. This shift online hasn’t just been about selling, but more importantly, building trust and customer loyalty.

Above all, it’s about making the digital economy personal. Personalisation was a key theme throughout Summit, with many customer success stories like Nike and Walgreen Boots Alliance backing it up. Personalisation is at the heart of every great experience and drives business growth. Adobe announced innovations in Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform (CDP) that empowers businesses to maximise the value of their customer data.

It’s all about the experience – meeting customer expectations in an instance and driving experiences in that moment. It is now more important than ever for partners like WPP to deliver well-orchestrated connected experiences for its clients. These experiences must be relevant to the individual, and consistent across all channels, whilst respecting their preferences and privacy. New Adobe Experience Manager capabilities were announced, to accelerate the delivery of personalised experiences. The new innovations help to empower brands to reimagine their end-to-end content lifecycle so they can make the most of every digital asset and experience.

New innovations include:
• Instant personalisation with Adobe Target allowing customer insights to be analysed and turned into personalised experiences on websites and mobile apps ‘in the blink of an eye’.
• Integration of OneTrust’s consent management platform with AEP allowing brands to build unified profiles that include consent and preference data.
• Real-time CDP connections enabling fast distribution of data.
• The linking of data from Adobe Commerce to real time CDP and other Adobe Experience Cloud applications – Due H2 2022.

SNEAK PEAK! Hot off the press from Adobe’s research labs, Adobe Sneaks revealed Project #DemandDetector, which leverages AI technology to help companies understand what new or trending products should be stocked on their commerce site. Detecting demands on the commerce site allows merchants to see how many site visitors are searching for a particular product vs how many of their competitors already stock that product. Watch this space…

Underpinning Adobe’s focus on the importance of building trust with every customer, was the ability to achieve personalisation at scale. Building seamless customer journeys, both offline and online are particularly important in a world of first party data. Summit 2022 saw the unveiling of Adobe’s new AI Innovations for Personalising Experiences. These new capabilities, powered by Adobe Sensei, enable businesses to deliver seamless customer journeys and include product recommendations, live search results, intelligent budget forecasting and allocation, cross-channel budget optimisation and intelligent content creation and delivery.

Continually innovating is the key to success. After all this talk of the digital world, Adobe couldn’t end the summit without mentioning the newest buzzword in the digital ebook, the metaverse. Adobe announced a series of innovations, integrations and investments designed to position brands to succeed in the metaverse.

As an Adobe Platinum Partner, WPP looks forward to growing the Adobe partnership to create innovative, digital opportunities for our clients.

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