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We’ve unearthed some of the latest thought leadership from across the Wunderman Thompson network to present an inspiring line-up of sessions, covering everything from the metaverse and AI to inclusion, disability representation, and the changing face of humanity.

Find out more about the Wunderman Thompson panels in the running below, and cast your vote for the ones you’d like to see at the Festival next year. Community Voting is open until Sunday 21 August so get in quick to use your voice and help curate this the program for SXSW 2023!

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Marlee Matlin photo by Meagan Shuptar42 copy

Rewriting the Disability Script

Academy Award-winning actress and activist, Marlee Matlin, will join our very own Josh Loebner to discuss lessons advertising can learn from Hollywood, including how to authentically incorporate disability and inclusion throughout the customer journey, and how we can move beyond stereotypes to start writing more progressive stories that better represent our modern world.

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What Big Pharma Can Learn from Biohacking

Until now, technology has been the main catalyst for transformation, but we’re about to embark on the next phase of human development, sparked by the collision of technology and science. Punk-rock scientist, Josiah Zayner, and Wunderman Thompson Health Chief Medical Officer, Dania Alarcon, will join the Chief Brand Officer of Moderna, to discuss whether big pharma should adopt a start-up mentality and if this new phase of evolution will change the face of humanity.

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Jason Carmel

A Practical Guide for Whether Your AI Is Sentient

Is your AI alive? Are you sure? In this session, Jason Carmel and Ilinca Barsan from our Global Creative Data Practice will provide a firm understanding of what AI really is and how far away we likely are from one that is sentient, and share a handy checklist that AI practitioners and hobbyists alike can use to identify sentience.

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Screenshot 2022 08 09 at 5 42 26 pm

Metaverse: The Creative Catalyst

As the virtual and physical planes of existence continue to converge, an entirely new cultural realm is coming to the fore—one that runs on creativity. Join the experts at Wunderman Thompson Intelligence and a panel of leading digital designers in an exploration of the dawning digital creatorscape.

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Brand Guardian

What Has AI to do with Inclusive Content?

In a culture of heightened awareness, brands need tools to gain control over the flood of content they’re creating. In this session, you’ll learn about a new tool, powered by AI, that helps organisations measure and ensure the inclusivity of their content at scale and help brands produce content that inspires audiences.

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Screenshot 2022 08 09 at 5 43 44 pm

Weathering the Storm of Black Maternal Mortality

In 1992, Dr. Arline Geronimus coined the term “weathering” to describe the “health deterioration in early adulthood as a physical consequence of cumulative socioeconomic disadvantage” of Black women. This panel examines how the concept remains little understood and contributes to poor health outcomes for Black mothers, who are three times more likely to die in childbirth than White or Hispanic women.

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Screenshot 2022 08 09 at 5 44 35 pm

The Intelligent Creativity Process

The marketing landscape is becoming insanely complex, and the quality management challenge is obvious. In this session, you’ll see a demonstration of Wunderman Thompson’s proprietary product, Brand Guardian, to see how it’s revolutionizing content quality management in an always-on, omnichannel world. Every content team needs safeguards, so find out how Brand Guardian could work for you.

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Screenshot 2022 08 09 at 5 45 52 pm

The Human Hidden Power of the Physical Stores

Humans interact with humans. That's been the reality for many ages, but with technology it seems this has been forgotten. This session aims to unearth how technology can be used to show the hidden power of physical stores and help marketers create a 1-to-1 immersive and engaging new phy-gital commerce experience.

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