Leading a team of multi disciplined creatives that have their backgrounds in everything from traditional graphic design to textile design, product design, sound design, retail design, and digital asset designs makes for a n exciting unique branding agency that Hans has been building under the name of DEGREE for the past 8 years.

Hans has over 20 + years of experience in the areas of visual communication, traditional advertising as well as retail and event design. With the arrival of the digital landscape he’s been adding new skills over the past few years that cover everything from simple digital assets design to web based films and web events. He has a very keen understanding about strategy and uses this as the base of all his works. Insights are what drives the creative output of DEGREE. It is important to arrive at meaningful communication for a consumer by truly understanding them and that most of the time goes far beyond “making things look nice” is his motto.

Hans is a long-time advocate of letting clients see and experience the power branding design and how it can drive their brands. He also involves actively in bringing this message to a wider audience by guest speaking and conduction workshops for the network. He’s been a mentor for many young creative people that are looking to go beyond the ‘traditional’ communication patterns and are eager to explore more unknown territories that involve sensorial branding and communication.