Born in Colombia but professionally raised in Budapest, Javier has always been able to bring a unique perspective when the time comes to bringing pioneering solutions to complicated briefs. He started his career at J. Walter Thompson Budapest as a trainee, where he slowly, but steadily, started rising through the ranks as an Art Director. In these early stages his newness to Hungarian culture made him eager to learn from it, but at the same time, helped him not to allow cultural stereotypes or traditional thinking from swaying him from his quest always to find the most inspiring, honest ideas. This mindset made it possible for him to breathe new life to Nestlé’s dearest heartland brands and set them on a new path that forgoes nostalgia and points them towards the future.

Today, more than a decade later, this experience is still the foundation of the way he leads the creative team: the unwillingness to see culture as a solid construct but as something that can be shaped, altered and improved so that brands can find a meaningful way to add value to the world and to their customers. This approach defines all creative work for Shell, Nokia, Mazda, Bayer and many other brands in almost all segments of industry.

Today more than ever, technology spearheads our most significant cultural shifts. So much so that any concept or idea would be unimaginable without it. Now, as a part of Wunderman Thompson, this creative mindset is proving itself more valuable than ever. He believes that, as so many years ago, it is time to learn and embrace but at the same time, question, deconstruct and create with our new tools and skills. Only like this we can keep our clients and their customers on their toes.