Taiwan’s elderly are known for their frugality. They will only consider purchasing new electronics if the old ones have been deemed unfixable. Also, they are considered the least familiar with online shopping


E-Life Mall wants to be a brand that explores family relationships. The film encourages the younger generation to cherish the family relationships. Because when people feel gratitude for their families, they are more likely to purchase home appliances for their family to show their appreciation and love for their elders


We created this film to portray a father who doesn’t want his son to be a chef. The son, however, sees his father as a role model. The father and the son who have different values, have trouble expressing their emotions end up with misunderstandings and conflict


After the film was released, the views reached 3.1 million within 2 weeks, and :

◆ +63% organic reach

◆ Film was reported by 21 news channels in Taiwan and China

全國電子 偷改的志願單 參賽說明影片 中英文版

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2020 New York Festivals Advertising Award

2020 New York Festivals Advertising Award

Branded Content/ Entertainment: Products & Services: Retail Stores & ECommerce


2020 Click Awards

2020 Click Awards

Marketing/ Video Marketing