Due to their cultural roots and upbringing, Indonesian mothers are inherently required to follow a specific set of methodologies and mannerisms in raising children. Having been scrutinized by their family members, peers and society in general, a mother’s inability to comply with these pre-established parenting standards leads to mom-shaming in Indonesia, which causes mothers to lose confidence, question themselves and suffer from anxiety and depression.


While society judges these mothers’ parenting capacity and performance, we discovered that there's only one true judge who can assess how well mothers are doing – their own child. Only they can share whether a mother’s love is perfect or not.


We launched a social experiment called #CintaBundaSempurna – a Mother's Perfect Love Test – for mothers to reflect, assess and score their own overall performance as a mother.

Every mother scored themselves low, which was expected given societal and self-created pressure. But the twist was bringing in their own children as the final judges to score their parenting skills – capturing the moment when the most important judge of their life, their own child, scored them perfect and elevated the power of this social experiment.

Dancow Forti Gro Social Experiment Full Version English Version

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