Textile waste corresponds to around 10% of total global greenhouse gas emissions. With the growth of fast fashion, trends are phased in and out at record speed; consumers shop for and discard new clothes more frequently; manufacturers overproduce the supply of clothing, and retailers send unsold clothing to landfills.


TG3D Studio is set to disrupt the supply model by creating clothing on-demand: a data-driven approach that tailors perfect fitting garments using 3D body scan technology. Thus, making clothes that one doesn't want to discard, extending their lifecycle and reducing waste.


Demonstrate how TG3D's technology enhances the design process, improves the fit and contributes to a sustainable future through a data-driven approach to fashion design. Focus not only on the end consumer but also on manufacturers and retailers by offering them a cost-efficient, versatile, and innovative technological solution.


The growth of the business is not only for TG3D Studio but impacts the fashion producers and retailers too. The adoption of the technology still needs to take place. We launched Cleopatra's Jeans at Fashion For Good in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. A platform for sustainable fashion. The jeans that only fit the mythical Egyptian Queen served as an invitation from TG3D to the most popular fashion brands to join a data-driven revolution. A revolution that invites us all to rethink the current fashion industry and lessen the impact on our planet for millennia to come.


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