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The instant revolution in working practices that took place across the world in 2020 brought unprecedented challenges. Physical customer contact centres with tightly knit teams in close proximity, emptied overnight. In days, the risk of customer experiences being compromised increased exponentially. Despite these radical changes, the importance of excellent end-to-end customer experience remained critical. And with it, the choice of customer contact solutions partner.


Interviews with BT’s experts unearthed many salient facts about the many facets of customer experience, but it was a more general insight that lit the blue touchpaper for this campaign. Providing brilliant customer experiences is like putting on a show, with myriad moving parts in the background, and a polished performance in front of the audience. BT provides businesses with the know-how to bring everything together, beautifully. From end-to-end Customer Contact strategies to specific technology provision.

With that core insight we created a narrative that anchored the creative idea and its execution: Creating a seamless performance means understanding your audience's ever-changing needs. You need to choose the right tools, partners and systems to orchestrate this effort across global touchpoints, systems, people and processes, and adjusting on the fly. Providing a best-in-class performance for every customer. Our story of how BT’s Contact Centre services create wonderful experiences would come together, beautifully.


We partnered with renowned artist Michael Murphy, the creator of ‘perceptual art’ - flying him from New York to create a sculpture on-site in the heart of London’s East End.

The sculpture captured the thought that where customers see single problems, BT sees the whole picture. It’s made up of material relating to contact centre solutions, including headsets, lanyards, keyboards and routers. At first view the installation appears to be a random collection of objects. However, when viewers move around the piece it comes together to make the word ‘Experience’ from one angle, and a heart shape from another. Its title, naturally, was ‘Connected Experiences’.

Due to lockdown conditions there were no Private Views or live events to invite people to. Instead, we used LinkedIn to bring our audience to the experience. The sculpture is the representation of the customer journey. And the campaign is the story of the sculpture.


The ‘Connected Experiences’ campaign set new benchmarks for LinkedIn:

The campaign is driving 2.5x the click to site rates normally seen on LinkedIn, successfully driving the target audience to spend more time with the BT brand.

From 1.8 million impressions, BT saw almost 14,000 visits to the website.

Further to this, a 1.52% engagement rate (all clicks, likes, comments & shares) vs platform benchmark of 0.6% shows how the campaign is striking a chord with the target audience.

Additionally, the campaign tested LinkedIn’s Message Ad format (delivering the value proposition through the InMail channel to potential customer’s LinkedIn inboxes). We saw an open rate of 52% across all mails sent. The objective of these assets is to generate leads from within LinkedIn. Lead form completion rate was 39.6% vs a platform benchmark of 11%.

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