HSBC wanted to wish Chinese Americans a Happy Lunar new year. But messages from brands around this holiday are full of clichéd imagery and messages.


Red is considered the luckiest color of the Lunar New Year but there’s thousands of shades of red. We set out to prove that there was one shade that was luckier or more prevalent than all the others.


We evaluated 18,000 pieces of Asian Art collected by partnering with the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco to determine “The Luckiest Red”. We then shared that colour with AAPI artist to craft work for Asian Heritage Month.

Luckiest Red 1
Screen Shot 2022 02 09 at 3 33 08 PM

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2022 Marketing Awards

2022 Marketing Awards

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2022 Marketing Awards

2022 Marketing Awards

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2022 Marketing Awards

2022 Marketing Awards