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We use data to deeply understand human behavior, helping brands empathize, remember, anticipate and connect; just like people. We help brands learn what people want, what they don’t, and most importantly, why.

Our team of 1,000+ data scientists, analytics practitioners, strategists, marketing technologists and data consultants distill the “why” of complex data into powerful insights, empowering brands with new ideas that strengthen customer relationships and anticipate what customers need today and beyond.

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Data Solutions

Our consultants rethink how brands go to market. By helping marketers more intelligently use data, analytics, and technology, we turn customer touchpoints into memorable experiences. With an end-to-end approach, we design your custom marketing operating model, identify and map your data architecture, integrate your technology and systems, and architect brand experiences. We also provide full-service campaign management and marketing operational support to ensure you get the most out of your platforms and your customer relationships.

Gain a real-time, holistic, actionable view of your customers. There’s a big difference between knowing about someone and knowing someone. That’s why our Customer Data Cloud gathers consumer data across all online and offline channels in real time to create a comprehensive customer profile. With a deeper understanding of who you’re talking to, we turn data into insights that marketers can use to personalize and optimize brand communications. Our platform also securely integrates first and third-party customer data and supports infinite volumes of fast-moving digital information.

Understand your customers’ “why". We believe data has the power to help brands build stronger customer relationships. However, in order to build a stronger relationship with someone, you have to know that person. You not only need to understand what they do and what they want, but why. In our experience working with ambitious brands, we know that data and analytics isn’t the differentiator - understanding “the why” is. It’s this nuanced customer understanding that drives the personal, timely, and relevant communications you need to cut through the overwhelming amount of brand communications surrounding us. We offer a variety of ways to help you do this:

  • Content Insights Platform - Understand the content customers want so you can personalize the content they get.
  • Motivational Segmentation Platform - Build smarter audience segments based on why people buy.
  • Predictive Signals Platform - Better predict customer behavior by integrating your predictive analytics systems.
  • Modeling as a Service - Unlock more detailed insights about who your customers are and why they do what they do.
  • Experiment Insights Platform - Test and optimize messaging at scale.
  • Experience Optimizer - Analyze and improve the user experience to increase conversions.

Understanding people at scale: With the most comprehensive human identity network, not many other teams can help you get to know your customers like we can. We have thousands of data sources, including attitudinal, lifestyle, geo-demographical and transactional data. This means we can quickly deliver meaningful information and insights around a single customer identity. We also provide off-the-shelf and custom curated AI-based machine learning models as part of our platform. If you need to be even more precise in understanding your customer, our data scientists can conduct qualitative interviews with insights modeled to our identity graph. With over 40 years of customer data expertise, we help you activate this human understanding through any channel (email, direct mail, CRM platforms, mobile, social, display, addressable TV, or OTT) so you have the ability to connect with the right people, at the right time and with the right message.

Data Work


Sainsbury’s Transformation

Delivering the world’s largest grocery e-commerce replatform
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WTC UK WORK Sainsburys 3840x2160px
Reynolds Consumer Products

Helping Reynolds win on Amazon

Capturing meteoric sales growth via advertising on Amazon.
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Estee Lauder

15 Seconds

Every 15 seconds, somewhere in the world a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer
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Hero Argentina Estee Lauder for Breast Cancer Day
An Post

The Shared Network

The world’s first mobile network, created for the homeless.
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Folk Wunderman Thompson WORK The Shared Network
ElaN Languages

Unbias Button

A new translation feature for a gender-balanced world.
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Elan The Unbias Button no tittle still

Data Insights


The Data Privacy and Security Report

Customer Views and Brand Implications
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Data Privacy HERO

COVID-19 Risk, Readiness, and Recovery

Navigating the business impact of Coronavirus
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How Coronavirus Is Impacting Americans
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Don’t Weaponize Personalization

Wunderman Thompson Data CEO Jacques Van Niekerk says if you build customer lifetime value, consumers will come.
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Data News

In The Press

A world without third party cookies

Alex Steer, chief data officer at Wunderman Thompson EMEA, looks at how marketers can rip up the rule book and rethink how they apply consumer data.
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Alex Steer Data
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Customer Data and Human Behavior

In the Velocitize Talks podcast, Adam Wolf, CTO of our NA West team, discusses how brands can use data to understand human behavior and strengthen relationships
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Inspire Together

Mark Truss recognized as Inspire Together Talent Champion from the AEF
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Mark Truss
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2020 SuperNova Award Winner

Proud to announce our SuperNova win in the category of Data-Driven Digital Networks & Business Models!
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