Transform 21: Retail Futures explored how commerce can power the customer experience and help brands succeed on the road to recovery.

Retail Futures brought together Wunderman Thompson experts and 100 of the world’s biggest retailers to uncover how new approaches to commerce can fuel business transformation for companies of all shapes and sizes.

Transform 21 Case Study

A One-Page Roadmap to Retail Futures

We’ve created a roadmap that will guide brands along the way from table stakes to business transformation. Download your roadmap and start the journey toward Retail Futures.

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It’s not just that we show up at the right time, in the right way, on the right platform, but that we’re thinking about things like inclusivity, loyalty, and how commerce fits into the overall customer journey.

When we consider all of these elements together, commerce can truly become a catalyst for growth and business transformation, strengthen customer relationships, and inspire new kinds of opportunity.

Top 10 Takeaways from Transform 21: Retail Futures

Retail Futures Agenda

Transform 21 Partners

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