drawing of a woman drinking a Coke

Coca-Cola inspires a new generation

‘Open For Better’ campaign features new packaging to create positive messages and share them with the world


  • Coca-Cola


  • Sao Paulo


Since the launch of the first ‘Share a Coke’ campaign in Latin America, Wunderman Thompson Brazil needed a way to push the idea even further and inspire people to have a better 2021.


Few brands in the world have a legacy of staying connected with new generations through pop culture and creativity like Coca-Cola – the result of constant innovation and communication. Coca-Cola aimed to launch a movement where teenagers use Coke cans and bottles as a modern way to express themselves on digital platforms and share their messages with the world.


With a new version of the letters of the alphabet on Coke cans and bottles, users share positive words and phrases on digital platforms that reinforce the Open For Better movement and inspire others to express their positivity as well. The campaign in Latin America features brand influencers activating and presenting the new packaging to the public, with a film produced and adapted for each region and social networks engaged with the brand's partners.

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