When it comes to building emotional connections and functional needs accordingly to our Inspire dashboard, we were under-indexing on our Elevating score. We needed to increase our elevating score to meaningfully differentiate BMW in the South African Market.


We found an audience that views luxury differently – HENRYs (High earners not rich yet) are a cohort of professionals and cross-section of race, ethnicity and gender where status symbols are less about traditional high end luxury brands and more about brands that really express their values and identity. For HENRYs, luxury is a state of mind, not a price point or a brand.


The campaign is about centering the people that love this brand and sharing its audacious attitude and progressive spirit. Questions asked throughout the advert call for a more inclusive and bolder vision of ourselves and the next generation of BMW drivers – one that's not defined by preconceptions but rather reimagined. Each line reframes an accepted norm and old troupe, and every visual is vibrant and reflective of the diversity of South Africans driving both BMWs and our Next Generation of Joy.


The campaign is a strong first step for BMW to build brand equity, differentiation and relevance in the South African market.

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