During a time of seismic change in the mobility industry, Ford needed a future-proofed global production operation.


They had to re-engineer their production model, to make it leaner, faster, and able to stand the test of time.


After doing a detailed multi-region analysis, MSC designed Makerhouse, a solution combining the benefits of bespoke local studios with the efficiencies of offshore production hubs.

We implemented our cutting-edge production OS to provide central visibility and tracking across all work. We linked the client DAM directly to automated tools to deliver personalized content at scale.

Insourcing at industry-beating rates was a key part of our solution. We then re-routed projects to best fit low-cost centers of excellence and implemented a production strategy layer to de-duplicate production effort and maximize reuse of assets.


In less than one year, we saved our client 22% in production costs without compromising on quality and helped them achieve 35% reduction in routing and approval time across agencies, a significant reduction allowing for faster speed to market.

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