The film Katapult launched ‘Snap Out Of It’ as a new KITKAT brand platform, and after the global success of the campaign it was time to find another modern frustration people needed a break from and continue growing KITKAT’s market share.


For Aussies, one of the most common everyday frustrations is GPS drama and problems with maps. This could be typing in the wrong address, a bug with the app, or heavy traffic – everyone has felt mounting irritation associated with their map apps.


To make GPS frustrations more universal, we transported the problem to the Wild West, changing a family SUV into a horse and cart and a maps app to a map complete with a suggested route. Online video tackled the equally frustrating ‘forgotten password’ and ‘dinner indecision’ situations, and social content covered a plethora of others, all set in a Wild West landscape.


The campaign achieved strong brand tracking results, with involvement, enjoyment, branding and message outtake performing substantially above norm, driving increased business impact for KITKAT penetration.

Kit Kat Wil West Maps 15 You Tube
Kit Kat Wild West Decision Dinner You Tube
Kit Kat Wild West Safehouse You Tube AUS
KIT KAT social v1

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