Reaffirming Kit Kat’s ownable, strong and unique voice inspired by the product itself and its well-known positioning adapted to social reality: stress, fatigue and limited time are making everyone suffer, deserving a break more than ever.


An idea fully inspired by the KitKat product itself and its globally known positioning: inspired by the icon.

After taking a closer look to the product, we realized the three cookie layers inside every KitKat are very similar to any three-floor building. That’s when we decided to play with that structure, adding the ‘break’ idea layer to it.


Kit Kat has always championed the power of breaks, a pause in the middle of our stressful daily lives to fight routine and enjoy the little pleasures of life, coming back refreshed with a new perspective and uplifted.

The break literally becomes a way out of an office, any office in the world which we can get out of it to disengage for a moment, and come back refreshed.

We used an illustration technique to represent in a realistic way the experience of breaking, while transmitting at the same time the building-KitKat parallelism with a deliciously looking style everyone would love to bite.


We expect to deliver a brand affinity and engagement uplift, while increasing sales through mouth-watering visuals.

See the various executions of the campaign below: Festival is the Office, School and Gym


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