Newell Brands

The Safety Squad

Turning a product innovation into an advertising innovation to protect babies
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4 Sweetheart

To the citizen bubbles!

Lorina, the lemonade that makes the French sparkle.
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Work FR Lorina

When your belly is on your side/Bike

Activia unveals its new communication platform in France
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Work FR Activia v2

More From Less/Incoa

More from Less, is the new challenge of Incoa chocolate launched by Nestlé®
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Work FR Nestle Incoa v2
Work FR The Fork v2

Spinach Project

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Work FR Nestle PAT

Nespread/The king of tartines

Nestlé Dessert spread reveal
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Forbidden Stories FR
Global Investigative Journalism Network

Forbidden Stories

Keep Stories Alive
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Smartbox Parents WT France

And you, what is your Smartbox?

Smartbox allows everyone to give a unique and personalized gift to their loved ones.
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Cro conversion rate optimisation

CRO - Conversion Rate Optimisation

Increase test drive request for Store dealer
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Emergency Bikes In the dark nude
Has Awards

Emergency Bikes

A custom-built vehicle designed to help emergency responders move faster and save lives
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Check News
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Check News

The Human Search Engine
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Danette Debout les Twittos

Standing the Twittos

Modernizing an iconic slogan in the digital age.
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France The Parisian RDV
Le drugstore parisien
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The Parisian Rendezvous

Inventing the ride-to-store reward program.
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