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Jo Charalambous

“To me, female empowerment & strength comes from expression. Freedom to express is freedom to be.”

Meet Jo

Jo charambulos

Jo Charalambous is a Cypriot living in the UK for the last fifteen years. After working in advertising for the past 9 years she decided to branch out into the arts by enrolling in a MA in Illustration. She hopes one day to be known for expressing herself through art and not spreadsheets.

Art by Jo

Jo Charalambous Teams Background

Colour makes her happy. She draws power from the sun and seeks solace in the palm trees of her Cypriot motherland. This forms the basis of many of her pieces; branches, stems, foliage, the literal forming of life in the natural world create the platform through which she best expresses herself.

See more of Jo's work on her Instagram: @jodrawsthings and on her site:

Jo has donated this piece of art available for you to download and set as your videoconference background

Download the background

Jo has donated a piece of her art in support of Hestia. Hestia supports adults and children across London and the surrounding regions in times of crisis. Your donations could help a mother living in a domestic abuse refuge safely home school her child or provide a much needed weekly shopping booster.

Portrait of a man with glasses and leaves
Painted scarf with oranges and leaves
Black flowers with colourful vase