We at Wunderman Thompson use marketing campaign automation when brands want to send or show messages to customers based on a predefined set of rules. In the most common definition, we cover channels such as email, text messaging, and app push notifications. In an extended definition, it can also pan out to online advertising, social media, and eCommerce.

The key enabler is our campaign automation software. You can find software which is channel specific (consider Mailchimp) or covers multiple channels (Adobe Campaign). We at Wunderman Thompson Prague pride ourselves in our expertise with multi-channel campaign automation.

Providing solutions across multiple platforms

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11 years of experience

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We believe the key for successful implementations is a thorough analysis of how mature the brand is when it comes to:

Customer data

Automation tool

Customer communication

The understanding of the brand's current maturity level gives us an idea of where to start. We compare expectations with what is available and suggest the scope of the project (in hand with a roadmap for each implementation stream) as well as the cost of the project. This allows the brand to evaluate the business impact of the project.

The core of our solution begins here with a thorough platform setup: from Contact strategy to Creative and Campaign development, through to end-to-end solution testing and automation go-live! It is here that we work with your marketing team to understand your customers and build detailed customer journeys, automation journeys and the setting up of campaign frameworks.

We don't just build, we empower! With our three-step approach we ensure an easy transition into the new ways of working for the BAU team.

With development completion, we hold a Hypercare period where the project team hands over to the BAU team (either internally, or to 3rd party). The project team in this phase acts as a first-level support system focusing on technology and solution stability as well as customer support. This ensures the BAU team is well trained and all questions and issues arising immediately post-handover are prioritized and resolved. Our automation is fine-tuned during this period.

The project team is decommissioned (or transitioned to the BAU team).

As part of the project outputs, we make sure a reporting dashboard is built (or updated) to reflect the newly built automation.

We recommend brands to monitor automation closely during its lifetime. A revision cycle must be set up.

This is not only to monitor the results and optimize different aspects of the automation (such as creative and timing), but to also make sure the automation is relevant – or even does not harm the brand (old products, prices, consents, etc.).

Modifying a standardized end-to-end process (and mapping out the deviations from it) is an essential part of the WoW.

Based on the process, we build Roles & Responsibilities and confirm standard SLAs through a series of workshops with relevant parties.

Bespoke is how we do it! All the above steps lead toward that bespoke solution to intergate within your current environment with an aim of optimizing your technology to automate routine activites, inturn optimizing the way business is done itself. By providing a solution that reduces the time and energy required with human intervention, we contribute to a significant reduction in your total marketing cost.

For brands, automation is a must if they want to keep up.

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