Mariana Rodrigues

“Never underestimate the strength of a woman. They have the power of rising above the storm and change the game”

Meet Mariana

Mariana Rodrigues 2

Mariana is a Portuguese illustrator who has lived and worked in a few places around the globe – from Porto to Zurich or Tokyo to London, she’s been moving around and immersing herself in different cultures since 2012.

Regarding Mariana’s work, she’s certainly no stranger to utilising any technique available to her, from pencil, ink and watercolour, to digital manipulation and digital colouring, all to create her wonderfully detailed imaginary worlds. Mariana also likes to deconstruct things – predominantly nature – and reassemble them into a universe that we can’t help but get lost in.

Art by Mariana

Mariana Rodrigues

Her inspiration and concepts come mostly from Nature. Her eyes see one thing but her imagination gets in the way and starts to create its own images, its own world. A world of fantasy with magical gardens, surreal plants and extravagant animals. She is also very attentive to detail — it’s the thing that gives her most joy. Working on detail upon detail, on things so small that nobody else notices but she know they’re there making the illustration much richer and magical.

See more of Mariana's work on her Instagram: @mariana_illustration

Mariana has donated this piece of art available for you to download and set as your videoconference background

Download the background

Mariana has donated a piece of her art in support of Hestia. Hestia supports adults and children across London and the surrounding regions in times of crisis. Your donations could help a mother living in a domestic abuse refuge safely home school her child or provide a much needed weekly shopping booster.

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