The results are in and we’re delighted to share Wunderman Thompson received 21 Pencils at The One Show, the world's most prestigious award program in advertising, design, and digital marketing.

Congratulations to teams in Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, the UK, Australia, and Italy, who picked up nine Gold, seven Silver, four Bronze, and the Social Development Goals Pencil collectively. Work for ambitious brands such as E-Dina Energy, Unilever, WWF, Johnson & Johnson, HSBC UK, Anglicare WA, and Campari, was awarded across Design, Health & Wellness, Radio & Audio, Experiential & Immersive, Music & Sound Craft, and more.

The One Show has had a rich legacy of honoring some of the most groundbreaking ideas, created by some of the most remarkable minds in creativity. For over 40 years, the Gold Pencil has been regarded as one of the top prizes in the creative industry, so we're thrilled to have taken home nine Golds at the Show!

See the Winning Work

WaterLight at night

Wunderman Thompson Colombia’s ‘WaterLight’ campaign for E-Dina Energy was our most awarded of the Show, receiving the Social Development Goals Pencil, five Gold and one Silver.

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Deodorant with hook hanging in locker room with boxing gloves in the background

Wunderman Thompson Argentina’s ‘Degree Inclusive’ project for Unilever’s Degree took home six Pencils including three Gold and three Silver Pencils.

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bird in bush fire

Wunderman Thompson Chile’s ‘Nature is Calling for Help’ campaign for World Wildlife Fund received one Gold and one Silver in Radio & Audio.

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Jand J self exam filter

Wunderman Thompson Brazil’s ‘Self-Exam Filter’ campaign for Johnson & Johnson received one Silver in Interactive, Online & Mobile, and one Bronze in Health & Wellness.

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Raised circular platform featuring set of an office, front door, and bank teller with someone walking between the three to demonstrate 'vicious circle' effect

Wunderman Thompson UK’s ‘Vicious Circle’ campaign for HSBC UK was awarded one Bronze Pencil in Film.

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Bus Shelter Rough Sleeper 1

Wunderman Thompson UK’s ‘The Homeless Bank Account’ campaign for HSBC took home one Bronze Pencil in Out of Home.

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Man Cold Anglicare WA Advertisement

Wunderman Thompson Australia’s ‘The Cold Campaign’ work for Anglicare Western Australia received a Bronze Pencil in Radio & Audio.

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WORK WT ITALY Fellini Forward def

Finally, Wunderman Thompson Italy’s ‘Fellini Forward’ film for Campari was awarded one Silver Pencil in Moving Image Craft.

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