As hype continues to build around the various promises of the metaverse, a growing number of brands are dipping their toes in the virtual waters, releasing NFTs and goods to be used in virtual lands.

It's a potential boon for advertising agencies. Some are even launching dedicated Web3 divisions to help their clients get educated and ultimately navigate the metaverse for themselves. The pitch? The arrival of the metaverse and its applications will usher in a virtual world where companies and consumers coexist on a level playing field and can forge deeper connections with one-another than with current media.

Insider profiled 24 advertising agency executives who have led high-profile Web3 projects for major brands, and Emma Chiu, Global Director of Wunderman Thompson Intelligence, has made the list!

In curating the list, Insider considered the types of brands the individuals had worked with and if they were able to demonstrate success with tangible metrics. We considered all applications of Web3 technologies, including use of the metaverse, NFTs, and the blockchain.


Emma Chiu, Global Director, Wunderman Thompson Intelligence

Not to be outdone by agencies that open offices in the metaverse, Wunderman Thompson built an entire metaverse for CES 2022 that clients could access, to learn more about the concept.

Partnering with Odyssey, Wunderman Thompson created a world that is accessible to anyone with a browser and internet connection. It used pixel- streaming technology, which enabled the agency to do away with high-end hardware or software. The agency said the project sent a message to clients that one need not be investing millions into this space to see something good come out of it.

The metaverse the agency created is meant to be a "live" representation of the "Into the Metaverse" report Chiu spearheaded for the agency. The report features research and analysis of consumer attitudes towards the metaverse and identifies the implications for brands, establishing that the metaverse is "the new social place, here to stay".

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