Down syndrome was recognized beginning in the 5th century. But oddly enough, in 2022, the legitimate numbers regarding this population remain unknown. By failing to consider people with Down syndrome in their statistics, the State invisibilizes and excludes them from any public policy, significantly affecting their rights and evolution.

Not only in Argentina, but in the world, there is no official data about people with Down syndrome. And without these numbers, no action can be taken. That is why we started by creating a tool, to generate continuous demand and help through creativity and technology to change reality and a global system that needs to evolve. That is why this idea is unique, because it comes to change a parameter.”

Natalia Benincasa

CCO at Wunderman Thompson Argentina

Since December, the tool gathered numerous data, and now we can establish metrics to understand what measures are necessary, emphasizing the reality faced by people with Down syndrome and dynamically transforms all new data entered into a tweet or post that users can share on their social networks to pressure the Public Organizations. For this very reason, it's necessary that everybody who collaborates acts as an activist to pose this claims and emphatically demand an answer.

Now, Numbers launches its first claim to the INDEC* by asking to add one question to the original list of 62 in the 2022 Census:

Does any of the individuals living on this household have Down Syndrome?

To demand for this question to be included into the Census 2022, we ask people to Tweet about their own situations, making visible the real numbers on the condition.

We launched this campaign with the support of organizations from all over Argentina to showcase the invisibility that people with Down syndrome suffer when it comes to State numbers. That's why we're demanding something as simple as adding a single question to the 2022 Census to create statistics that recognize people with Down syndrome, to become the first country in the world to have official data regarding this population.”

Alejandro Cytrynbaum

President of ASDRA

ASDRA IMAGENES PR Medios Internacionales

Please visit and help us make this claim visible.



*INDEC: The National Institute of Statistics and Censuses is a decentralized public body of a technical nature that operates within the orbit of the Ministry of Economy of the Nation, which exercises the superior direction of all official statistical activities carried out in the Argentine Republic.


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