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Decoding inspiration: Mapping Human Emotion

In Focus KV

Inspiration is a vital part of the human condition. What inspires people and why has long been a mystery. Until now.

A breakthrough study from Wunderman Thompson shows that more than 16,000 people globally believe inspiration is more important in their lives than sleep, treats for self, and physical intimacy. In short, inspiration is vital to our lives.

Wunderman Thompson wanted to get to the bottom of why inspiration matters so much. From around the world, people shared with the agency details of what inspires them in all aspects of their lives, and why.

From these insights, Wunderman Thompson cracked the code on inspiration.


Designing for Disabilities & Product Innovation

Wt inclusivedesign degreeinc hero

Creating products for people with disabilities, and not just those in the mainstream, is the best way to drive innovation – with companies 1.7 times more likely to be successful if they are inclusive.

Take the touchscreen, originally developed by a University of Delaware researcher to help overcome carpal tunnel syndrome. It's now one of the world’s most popular and intuitive interfaces.

Despite 1 in 4 Americans having a disability, products and experiences are still not created with this community in mind. We have been approaching product design wrong for years.

Wunderman Thompson is proud to be leading the movement as the first agency to build an Inclusive Experience Practice helping some of the world’s biggest businesses create accessible products, services and communications. For further info read here.


How the Metaverse Is Changing Reality Forever

virtual city

A unified and interconnected digital world is in the making.

As people spend more time in virtual spaces - socializing, collaborating, and creating - these inventive spaces take on a life of their own.

Big tech and gaming companies are on a meta-space race to define and claim the metaverse, but the true owners will be the creative community – the users who make these worlds their own. As the metaverse takes shape, it offers a new formula for imagination and begs the questions:

Are Gen Z and young Millennials redefining creativity?

How can technology enable us to be more collaborative and spark new ideas?

Can the metaverse be used to create more inclusive, democratized spaces and communities? For further info read here.


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  • Decoding Inspiration: Mapping Human Emotion – vote here
  • Designing for Disabilities & Product Innovation – vote here
  • How the Metaverse Is Changing Reality Forever – vote here

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