SPOTLIGHT: Samyu Murali, Art Director, Austin, Texas


How does your day begin?
With a cup of South Indian filter coffee.

Where do you find inspiration?
Friends, family, and people who try to positively impact the society and make a difference. I grew up in Chennai, India, and I’m always inspired by my hometown, its people, and its culture.

What do you give a damn about? 
Diversity and Inclusion. I am passionate about creating spaces where under-represented communities can be seen and heard and about diverse representation of people and cultures in media. Mentoring the next generation, especially young girls, is something that I would like to do more of as I find that to be very rewarding.

Your dream dinner guest?
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Her talk – “The danger of a single story” was riveting and inspirational.

Little-known fact about you?
When I was a kid, I tried to start my own library and invented a numbering system to organize my books.

After work you can be found...where?
Making travel plans, writing postcards to my friends, or reading a book.

What is your superpower or secret talent?
I do a really good impression of Hermione Granger.


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