Our user experience design services

Our user experience and research services start and end with the customer. With this shared understanding of user experience, we consider the end-to-end customer journey as well as your business needs.

User experience services
With our methods for observation, contextual enquiry and other feedback methodologies, you can develop invaluable insight into user behaviours, needs and motivations.

Research services
We use tools such as diary studies, experience mapping and personas to uncover customer behaviour, co-ordinate cross-channel design and tailor communications.

Competitor analysis
Assess the competition so you can establish differentiation, unique propositions and new opportunities.

Information architecture
We create digital property that has a logical and consistent structure and easy-to-find content.

Interaction design
We view inputs as sacred, so we consider how our outstanding static imagery interacts with the user. Every interaction contributes to the overall experience.

Benefits of our user experience design

We personalise each customer's experience by using insight to inform every point of contact.

Our team's expertise spans the full service with research, design, content and front-end developmental skills.

We have unparalleled experience of designing ecommerce customer experiences that delight customers and deliver high-impact ROI.

One of the best experiences we had in the whole journey with WT Commerce with Morrisons Cellar was the usability labs. We used it for the first one and we had such a good experience, we continued to use it throughout the project and it was a key part in delivering such a quality solution.

Head of Multichannel Delivery, Morrisons

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