In an age when digital capabilities are developing exponentially, Artificial Intelligence is fast becoming an instrumental feature in shaping the future of business potential.

What really is AI? What are the benefits to adoption? And the risks? Our latest research, in collaboration with world renowned AI experts Satalia, seeks to uncover the truth behind what global business leads and consumers really think of and understand about AI, revealing what the future has in store, and – more importantly – the clear growth opportunities in its adoption. Download the brand new report here, and watch the video for a glimpse of the key areas it covers.

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WTC AI Adapt or Fail
Hugh Fletcher

“With this report, we wanted to look at the two sides of AI implementation: business and consumers. We wanted to gauge the level of understanding, how it was being implemented, and what the benefits were. The idea was to present a view of AI that should help to define strategies to understand it, implement it and to deliver better experiences to consumers as a consequence.”

Hugh Fletcher, Global Marketing Director and Thought Leadership Lead

Daniel Hulme

“At Satalia, we help businesses capture the value of AI through strategic consultancy and solution development. In doing so, we’re helping our clients to create a world that’s better for customers, employees, businesses, and the environment. This report gives us a baseline into AI in 2022, a baseline from which AI will undoubtedly grow and flourish. At Satalia, we’re excited to help support as many businesses on their AI journey as possible.”

Daniel Hulme, CEO, Satalia and Chief AI Officer, WPP

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