Asian Paints is India’s leading paint company, and the fourth biggest in Asia. It operates in 19 countries, has 26 paint manufacturing facilities servicing consumers in over 65 countries.

60% of Asian Paints' orders come through several thousand dealers via call centre agents. Asian Paints appointed WT Commerce to implement an ecommerce platform that would help call centre agents provide a higher level of service to dealers, with the aim of increasing sales and improving brand awareness.


Drawing on our experience in B2C commerce, we wanted to create a platform that would reimagine the role of Asian Paints’ call centre staff, and deliver a more customer-focused experience to the dealers that rang in with orders.

Pitching the call centre team as ‘Virtual Sales Agents’, we aimed to give them a 360° personalised view of the dealer during every order which would give them the information the need to reach out, offer the right kind of targeted assistance, and cross and up-sell to maximise order values.


We delivered a complete digital transformation project centered around an end-to-end eCommerce implementation on SAP Customer Experience.

WT Commerce was responsible for consultancy, project management, analysis, solution architecture, UX, development, quality assurance, load testing, security testing, infrastructure, PIM (Product Information Management System), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) interfacing, training and warranty. We delivered the completed platform - Virtual Sales Office 360 - in just four and a half months.

The resulting platform included a self-service function for B2B dealers, direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales capabilities and integration with call centre operations to support the ‘virtual sales agents’.


The new platform has revolutionised Asian Paint's digital presence, giving agents a 360-degree personalised view of the dealer which has helped to powerfully drive sales and brand awareness.

Our solution was also showcased at the annual SAP conference - a moment of great pride for the Asian Paints and WTC Commerce teams involved.

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