Sainsbury’s, the UK’s second biggest supermarket chain, came to us to transform the capabilities of its online business.


Eight million customers, 12 million orders, 225 stores – replatforming and integrating Sainsbury’s digital offering meant thinking big. Working on this unprecedented CPG e-commerce project inspired us to develop an end-to-end, truly connected experience.


In keeping with Sainsbury’s reputation for excellent online service, we managed the delivery of systems as well as provided a go-live strategy, building a new multi-channel platform capable of supporting 20k–30k orders a day. Our comprehensive solution included B2C sites for desktop, mobile and tablet, a call center platform, delivery management and scheduling, and in-store support tools. We also introduced enhanced navigation and data-driven merchandising for a superior CX and implemented the data migration and rollout of more than 8 million customers. We integrated the platform into 252 fulfilment centers and stores across the UK.


The new platform we launched supports £1.5 billion in annual online sales for more than 8 million customers and 12 million orders a year. We’re proud to say that Wunderman Thompson Commerce delivered the world’s largest grocery e-commerce replatform.

It's taken Sainsbury's 14 years to reach £1 billion annual sales online and this new platform gives us the capacity to double that. Wunderman Thompson Commerce has been a key partner in helping us transform our digital offer, managing the overall programme and more than ten third parties.

John Rudoe

ex-Technology Director, Sainsbury’s

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