How could Unilever inspire other brands to make a commitment to addressing accessibility problems that people with disabilities face every day?


Para-athletes' accessibility needs are fully met at the Paralympics, when they live for two weeks in a Paralympic Village with inclusive design where everything is built to be accessible. But when the games are over, they return to a world that’s not designed for them.


Launch an ad in top print media the day after the end of the Paralympics, describing this inequality how just a small amount of people have the chance to live and experience inclusivity in their villas.

With print executions in the UK Telegraph, Metro, the Guardian and the Times, the headline reads: “The world is a great place for people with disabilities*” The caveat being the asterisk, with small print beside it reading: “For two weeks every two years, for a very select group of people."

The ad brings attention to the discrepancy between how elite para-athletes are treated at the Paralympics versus the world they face when the games are over.

The campaign also invites communities to build and design their town with the same accessibility of a Paralympic villa.

The print messaging includes a QR-code linking to audio-description for those with visual impairments and supports the Sure Breaking Limits program to help people overcome barriers to staying active.


Generate PR directed at governments to take action and deploy accessibility politics in every city and country.

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