I joined the Wunderman Barcelona team in May 2009 as Account Director for Grupo Liberty Seguros, General Optica and Caixabank. In 2018, I assumed the role of Client Services Director, and I’m currently working in the client and business development team led by Jose Maria Piera.

I have spent most of my career at Rapp Collins, Ogilvy and Wunderman – now Wunderman Thompson –, but I have also worked as Key Account Manager for Champion Apparel at El Corte Inglés, a very different experience from which I learned that my natural habitat was, after all, the agency. During this time, I have worked for Caixabank, Barcelona City Council, Liberty Mutual Group, Bayer, Volkswagen Audi Aftersales, Grupo BNP Paribas, General Optica, Naturgy Energy Group, Amplifon, GAES, Consell de Mallorca, IB3, Futbol Club Barcelona, Hospital Clinic de Barcelona, Cerveza Bavaria and Royal Caribbean Cruises accounts, among many others.

I love my work and I get excited about almost every project I am involved in. Despite all the difficulties that crop up along the way, all the firefighting and troubleshooting that we face almost on a daily basis, always, in one way or another, there is something that gives meaning to what I do.

Professionally, I’m proud to be part of the life and history of many of the brands I have worked for, and I feel special pride in a project we did very recently: a pro bono campaign for Hospital Clinic de Barcelona to raise awareness on living kidney donations as the best alternative to deceased donations and dialysis.

On a personal level, and I know it sounds cliché, I’m happy if my friends and loved ones are doing OK. If that’s the case, I love enjoying my time, it's the best thing I have. I invest my free time in eating well and doing so in good company, cooking, enjoying a good wine, taking a nap, getting away, meeting friends, getting bored (which is a very healthy pastime by the way) and I’m presently discovering flamenco. I have tried to learn to dance, although I don't have the gift, but I’ll keep trying.