WT India Leaders Bindu Sethi

Bindu Sethi

Consultant, Account Planning


  • India

Bindu has over three decades’ experience in market research, advertising and marketing. Her focus is on category and brand growth strategies and market penetration, consumption, market share, category revival and brand choices rule her life.

Bindu has built key brand properties that fueled consumption and enabled challenger brands to carve out their rightful place in the market. She has devised growth strategies for Horlicks, Sofy, Good Knight, ClinicPlus, Maggie, and Indian Army, to name a few major brands, and her work at Wunderman Thompson as Chief Strategy officer has created a work culture and approach that pushes for every piece of creative to be a strategic solution to a brand and business problem.

Her advertising career was enriched by her four-year stint at Hindustan Unilever in India and across the APAC region. Most importantly, her contagious enthusiasm for solving problems for brands and businesses has had a tremendous impact on every planner that Bindu has mentored and groomed for greatness.