Hector is a marketer that has been continuously up to the date with the evolution digital transformation. He’s worked the last 20 years with technology, data and specialized talent to bring solutions for companies in Latam, US and UK.

An experienced leader and strategist, expert in identifying opportunities within the digital economy. Skilled on how to unlock value from data to help businesses grow. Able to bring in new talent and technologies that transform organizational processes, improve business results and creates value for consumers.

Prior to +WT, Hector was the Digital director for WPP’s Wavemaker and had a long spell as Head of DraftLine MAZ international leading AB Inbev´s journey into digital transformation in Middle Americas; working from different fronts such as digital communications, martech and consumer data strategy.

His main professional satisfactions are seeing his teams overcome great challenges and supporting people to growth in their professional careers doing what they love.