Irene, is currently the co Chief Executive Officer of Wunderman Thompson Greece and Vice President of the BOD. She served as President and Managing Director of Wunderman Greece since 2017 and prior to that, as co-CEO of J. Walter Thompson Athens, since 2013.

During her tenure she successfully led the agency's transition, following the global merger of Wunderman Thompson. She is a catalyst for business transformation, driving strong growth for the Agency amidst the Greek economic crisis.

Irene, is member of various professional organizations, sits on the BOD of the Institute of Communication of Greece, served as President of EFFIE AWARDS HELLAS 2012 , as a judge in a number of Advertising Festivals, and works pro-bono for a number of CSR initiatives.

Irene, is a longtime advocate for gender equality and diversity, volunteer networking to help and empower women to break through in the creative and business industry, in a country with very low C-level women executives. She is proud of being part of the leadership team of WUNDERMAN THOMPSON, an Agency advocating for women’s equality and empowerment.