I started at the agency in 2004, when it was called SCPF. I’ve never specified my position in a company on my business cards or in my email signature. But I do have one: I am the Chief Client Officer of Wunderman Thompson Spain. Which means that I head up what was formerly known as the Client Services Department, as well new business and business development for our clients.

As the most senior person at the agency I started in this business some while ago, so a bit more space than the rest to answer this question more fully would have been most welcome! Anyway, here goes the logline version; I started at Slogan and, before I came here, I worked at four agencies of which I was a Founding Partner; Slogan Madrid, Casadevall Pedreño & PRG, El Sindicato and Arnold Worldwide Spain.

Feeling useful and learning motivates me. The former is inalienable: I strive to ensure that our work (adding value to clients' brands, products and services) is always the best possible so it gets results. The latter, in a complex and constantly changing world, is essential. Having good colleagues and exacting clients helps boost my learning curve. As does my curiosity.

I feel privileged. I have achieved recognition in my industry in the form of the most prestigious international awards. I have enjoyed collaborating with the most sought-after companies and brands, both here and abroad. I have worked for and with great professionals. I have very few sectors left to discover... But, what makes me happiest is achieving what I call the "emotional dividend". Which I get every time I feel like I've done my bit to make the world a little better.

Two of my favourite restaurants are called Disfrutar (Enjoy) and Compartir (Share). So to the motto "We haven’t come into this world to suffer", I would add "...but to contribute”. As a result, I always try to have the best time I can and be useful. Both in my family and in my professional life. And with the many friends that I’m fortunate to treasure.