Julia Gallego is the CFO of Wunderman Thompson Spain. Her responsibilities include overseeing and administering all financial, analytical and legal aspects of the company while managing her hardworking team.

With foresight, team-building skills and a no-nonsense practical approach to managing, Julia has become a finance leader in Spain’s advertising industry.

She studied Economics at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and during her first years out of university she worked in the banking sector before discovering the world of advertising.

“Each client is a whole new world, and we never stop learning,” she said. Her passion for work has only grown since she started out.

Beginning in the accounts payable area, Julia worked her way up in the finance department at Wunderman Spain, gaining valuable knowledge and experience – and in 2015 she was promoted to Chief Financial Officer. As the newly appointed CFO, Julia enthusiastically undertook a comprehensive transformation of her department, turning a mostly administrative operation into one that encompassed most of the financial processes within Wunderman. She focused her department team on problem-solving and on collaborating with other teams in the agency.

Under Julia’s leadership there have been significant transformations. She oversaw the first SOX implementation, and when Wunderman partnered with WPP she supported and introduced the newly acquired companies within WPP’s business culture, steering and presiding over finances during a period of continuous growth. Most recently, she played a key role in managing the Wunderman Thompson merger in Spain.

Julia is a big fan of financial dashboards and anything that expedites decision making. She lives in Madrid with her husband and their three sporty children, two boys and a girl, who are entering their wonderful teens. Julia has a love of motorcycles and roller hockey because of the time she spends cheering for her boys.