Khanh Le is Wunderman Thompson's Senior Creative Director. As a creativity-craving soul, Khanh is the type of advertising practitioner who does not cease before her ideas shine. She treats all projects, large and small alike, with enthusiasm and dedication as Khanh always wants the most stunning communication solutions for every brand. Having been battling in the field for 9 years as a creative, Khanh leads a diligent ATL & digital team who have pleased several renowned clients including Suntory Pepsico, Unilever Vietnam, Unilever International, Unicharm, Abbott, and Diageo to name a few.

During 3 years handling digital creative campaigns for 10 SuntoryPepsico brands, Khanh has effectively cooperated with brand teams to give birth to various successful campaigns such as 7 Up Refreshing Vietnam, Sting thematic campaigns, Pepsi Tet and Aquafina Pure Fashion. With her innovative and visionary mind, Khanh becomes the Creative Leader who has won the most Mobile Marketing Awards for brands such as 7 Up, Aquafina, Revive, and Sting.

Besides her thrive in the FMCG field, Khanh also has in-depth expertise in working with clients of diverse backgrounds. A remarkable milestone in her career path is the PNJ True Love campaign, the first project ever in Vietnam that celebrates the love among LGBT community. Not to mention that her team’s work was proudly broadcasted in Times Square, New York.