profile picture of Nikki Eijpen WT Commerce

Nikki Eijpen

Marketplace Consultant, EMEA


  • Amsterdam

In his role as Consultant Marketplaces Nikki inspires growth for ambitious brands leveraging online marketplaces. He can help clients with strategy and execution. How can online marketplaces contribute to our strategic goals? How do marketplaces fit into our sales and marketing channel mix? Should we sell on marketplaces or launch our own? These are some of the questions Nikki gets on a regular basis.

Nikki has a history as a software developer and is therefore able to bridge the gap between the business and IT; he can speak both ‘languages’. He has more than 5 years experience in eCommerce and building brands on many marketplaces worldwide, and also building marketplaces.

Nikki is a regular speaker at eCommerce events, webinars, (video) podcasts and suchlike, advocating why brands should leverage marketplaces and sharing tips & tricks on how to use them well.

Nikki is also a consultant at WPP ACE (A Center of Excellence for Amazon) Netherlands.