Nina Piccinini People Hero Image

Nina Piccinini

Vice President of Marketing


  • Denver

Nina is the Vice President of Marketing for Wunderman Thompson Data, where she leads all marketing efforts on behalf of the company.

As a data-driven, growth-focused marketer, Nina has an affinity for creating impactful marketing programs that deliver meaningful customer experiences and transform brand engagement and growth.

Nina brings a broad spectrum of expertise in multiple market segments, including digital and cloud-enabled technologies, enterprise-class to small and mid-size, emerging to established. Her strong communication and EQ skills paired with a proven data-driven approach have helped her create and inspire passionate and contextually-relevant content for today’s customer.

Nina holds a Bachelor of Science in PR and has completed the Yale School of Management Executive Leadership Course in Digital Strategies and Global Branding. When she is not in the office, she enjoys volunteering in her community and visiting as many state and national parks as possible with her family. Nina resides in Colorado with her husband and young son.