The agency came to me in 2019, when I was working at SCPF as Executive Creative Director. And this is the role I continue to occupy, but now with amplified capacities and a Technology and Innovation Department to embody and give meaning to them.

I started in 1999 at SCPF before moving to Madrid in 2005 to join Sra. Rushmore. I later worked at Shackleton Barcelona from 2007 to 2012. That year, I went back to SCPF, from where I have only moved once since to spend two years in London, dedicating half of my time to J. Walter Thompson London and the other half to SCPF. Two wonderful years.

Although I have spent long stints at the agencies where I have worked, truth is I’m quite short-term at heart. Each brief is always the last. A crossword to be solved. With problems that are increasingly complex. More competition, more media, new technologies. And I enjoy working as part of a team. And, little by little, piece by piece, helping to build a brand. A BRAND.

Maybe this is why what I’m most proud of is having been able to work for a brand like Banco Sabadell for ten years. More than any award (and I’ve won quite a few at Cannes, the Effie Awards, the c de c, El Sol). And for brands like BMW, Coca Cola and Ikea. But I’m also a competitive person. I celebrated like mad when Shackleton Barcelona won the Barcelona City Council account (we were a newly opened office with just six people). At that time, agencies of the calibre of VillarRosás, DDB and SCPF were working for the brand, and maybe now I wouldn’t give it so much importance, but back then it felt like we had landed a landmark client… and we were the new kids on the block.

The rest of life, for me, is all about the small things. I'm not talking about dewdrops or sunrises, but about beer and croquettes. Music and stuff. Although an invigorating mountain trek does come in a good second.