Based on the opinions of 2,024 UK-based gamers, we uncover the varying consumer sentiments towards in-game purchasing, why gaming presents a big opportunity for brands and retailers and how businesses can leverage gaming channels for commercial gain.

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Accelerated by the pandemic, the past few years have seen consumers start to look towards a richer variety of channels than ever before for inspiration, to search and to purchase. As brick-and mortar stores closed their doors, increased use of digital channels has seen businesses having to rapidly reconsider and scale their digital offerings to adapt.

This new digital-first reality has given rise to new sales channels and commerce avenues, extending as far as into outer space, and even stretching beyond the realms of reality and into the virtual via the metaverse.

Our Future Shopper 2021 research highlighted the increasingly multi-faceted role of gaming in the lives of global consumers, from facilitating social interaction whilst physical socializing was almost entirely removed as an option during the pandemic, to accommodating the increasing demand to be playing, socializing and transacting all in one place.

Now more than ever, businesses are beginning to leverage the commercial opportunity offered by gaming and are reaping the benefits as a consequence. As the line between the virtual and physical worlds becomes more and more blurred, gamers are expressing a growing desire to not only spend money on physical products within games, but also to buy digital products for their avatars and in-game characters.

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