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Wunderman Thompson is home to over 4,000 technology specialists across the globe.

We apply technology to build the foundations for growth, working with you to deliver exceptional digital experiences. We design, build, manage and run the complex technology ecosystems that give you the business capabilities that fuel growth. And we don’t just build the technology, we help you to work in new ways to get the most out of it, so you can put your customers at the heart of the experience.

We have over 50 strategic partnerships with world leading technology vendors. We hold the highest partner level relationships with Adobe, Salesforce, SAP, Sitecore and Acquia, as well as various industry accolades, and have recently been recognized for our leadership in implementation by industry analysts, Forrester.

We understand that a digital investment is only ever a means to deliver business value and growth and we define that growth in four key dimensions, topline growth, bottom line growth, or a growth in brand equity or customer loyalty. We help you bridge the gap between these high-level business goals and technical execution. We work with you to plan your digital strategy, build an execution roadmap and engineer new business capabilities that will produce clear business outcomes.

With 54 technology centers in 33 countries, we support you to design, build, run and operate your digital programs and campaigns, wherever you are.

Our holistic offering is like no other in the industry. We provide you with a single partner from the big idea, through its execution and on-going operation.

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Technology Solutions

We work closely with clients to plan their digital strategy, we undertake technology audits to identify the level of maturity and usage of existing solutions and build execution roadmaps across the full customer journey.

Our 16 global service centers provide a 24/7 service supporting brands to produce, activate and deliver digital content globally at scale. Our end-to-end offering includes: Digital production, marketing automation, content localization, CMS migration, short-form video production, CRM program management, web mobile and social development, analytics and reporting.

We support global brands to plan and execute personalized digital marketing campaigns at scale, powered by intelligent data sensory systems, activated on integrated technology platforms that automate and refine content across all digital channels including email, mobile, web and social.

Over 1,500 experts in commerce strategy, technology and multichannel operations, powering $14bn online sales for B2C and B2B customers annually across marketplaces (Amazon), online retailer, direct to consumer (D2C) and social.

We use platforms and data to identify consumers, execute personalized communications, and deliver experience rich omnichannel commerce experiences at scale globally. We have the experience and premier relationships with the world's largest CX, marketing and technology vendors that allows us to support clients with platform selection and integration both with client systems and across world leading technology solutions.

We run global centers of excellence across major technologies (e.g., Adobe Campaign, Salesforce CRM) and capabilities (e.g., Content, Commerce) to serve brands that are seeking to leverage the latest technology and channels to market. As centers of excellence they are not only at the forefront of their specific technology but also support brands with the required organizational design, optimal operating models and operational governance to get the most out of their investment and partnership with our teams.

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Discount Time

A real-time promotion that matches time added by the referee.
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A new way to watch online ads that’s loved by the public.
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Thai Airways

Thai Airways Stay Home Miles Exchange

During COVID-19, Thai Airways gives people miles for not going anywhere.
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The Shared Network

The world’s first mobile network, created for the homeless.
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Stopping hate one tweet at a time

A unique anti-media platform is turning racist, sexist, and homophobic tweets against their creators.
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We Counter Hate

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