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Estee Lauder

15 Seconds

Every 15 seconds, somewhere in the world a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer
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Hero Argentina Estee Lauder for Breast Cancer Day

Hidden Fridges for Amstel

To get into the party at Brazilian carnival, we did what everyone else did – put on a costume.
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9/11 Day

9/11 Day at Home

Encouraging Americans to Virtually Volunteer During COVID-19
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United Nations

Inert City

Short film raises awareness of UN’s Global Goal for sustainable cities
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Brazil Work Urban Mobility

Discount Time

A real-time promotion that matches time added by the referee.
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Discount Time 3
Jimmy Nelson

#SOS Save Our Sentinels

Celebrating the world's last indigenous communities on United Nations World Day for Cultural Diversity
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Burger King

Social Distancing Whopper®

The Whopper® with triple onions helps keep others away from you.
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Whopper 3x Onions HERO

The Everyday Sponsorships for Heineken 0.0

Can the world’s biggest beer brand officially sponsor the most mundane daily activities?
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Hero Heineken 0 0 3

Ad without the break

A new way to watch online ads that’s loved by the public.
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Lonely Rambutan

From the sad and lonely shelf to the hearts and minds of Thai people.
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Thai Airways

Thai Airways Stay Home Miles Exchange

During COVID-19, Thai Airways gives people miles for not going anywhere.
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Thai Airlines hero image

Marta's lipstick

The greatest soccer player in the world wore Avon's lipstick during the Women's World Cup.
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Marta Tratada 3840x2160

Bank on Equality

An initiative that levels the gender wage gap.
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Bank On Equality new
ElaN Languages

Unbias Button

A new translation feature for a gender-balanced world.
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Elan The Unbias Button no tittle still