Multinational FMCG companies tend to work with thousands of creative agencies worldwide to deliver rich, relevant and personalised digital experiences. This can be a hugely complex, time consuming and costly process, with inconsistent results.

Our client recognised the need to deliver these high quality experiences faster, with less complexity and at a lower cost. With hundreds of brands across the world, a traditional design-led platform and operating model would never meet the scale of the challenge.

In fact, achieving this would require a re-engineering of the client’s ways of working to enable brand teams to quickly and easily build and manage their own web properties. To ensure these digital experiences remained rich and relevant, brand teams also needed to be able to apply consumer data and insight to drive updates and improvements, without having to wait around for backend development.


A flexible and powerful site management toolkit that would decouple the rapid and high volume frontend site build from backend development to accelerate speed to market.


The toolkit solution was built on Adobe Experience Manager, using our own proprietorial site build accelerator and authoring tool. This tool has been likened to ‘Lego’ for Experience Makers. It provides all of the essential building blocks required for speedy execution and enables business users to define specific market standards and ensure consistency and compliance without compromising on creativity. The ambition was to accelerate site build from a typical 20 weeks to around 6-8 weeks.

In addition, our client also wanted to ensure that build costs were low enough to be cost effective, even for smaller, local brands. Having the right technical platform was only the first step, achieving this level of acceleration also required re-thinking business processes. We developed a global enablement programme for brand teams and their agencies. In addition to workshops and face-to-face training, this comprised self-service tutorial videos, an information hub - featuring a white label ‘’ site that serves as a learning playground - and documentation across all components. We even introduced formal platform accreditation for creative agencies.

We ensured that our know-how was always available to support the client throughout the process. From website set-up to fully managed devops support, we worked to ensure that the platform rollout was a success.


Since the platform launched, we have seen more than 200 websites launched for over 23 brands, with master sites being built in as little as 4 weeks and country localisations in just a week.

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