The Marine Corps brand is facing a great divide between its 20th century American roots and 21st century American youth, who are less inclined to serve institutions they have little attachment to. Finding a place of relevance in the minds of a new generation is proving to be an epic battle.


Research showed that Gen Z is actually very different than its Millennial predecessors. These youth are even more connected via technology, but also feel lonelier — a unique “connected loneliness.” The data also revealed how these young men and women are seeking belonging and self-transcendence in pursuit of a common moral cause.


A national multi-touchpoint campaign that showcases how America’s youth are caught in a false narrative. Often heightening isolation, the digital hum of the modern world can become relentless and overwhelming to young people searching for meaning and substance. In contrast, the Marine Corps represents the opportunity to overcome weakness and doubt and battle for a hard-earned, permanent personal identity as an elite war-fighter and a life of belonging and purpose.


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