The number of delivery apps operating in Saudi Arabia has risen by over 460 percent in two years.

How could HungerStation reassert its credentials in a crowded and growing category?


We imagined a world without food delivery apps. Before HungerStation entered the market, life was exhausting for Saudis when it came to food delivery. But then HungerStation arrived - the first Saudi food delivery app in the region that revolutionized the food delivery market.


We decided to remind Saudis what life was like before HungerStation by sending a strong message to all the newbies in town.

Crafting a 360-campaign, we celebrated HungerStation’s 10th year by launching a new brand idea "Before Everyone” - taking people back to a time when ordering food was nothing short of a major challenge, and we cinematically and comically recreated the painful and frustrating times people would rather forget. Our light-hearted walk down memory lane followed people everywhere they went.


The campaign achieved a 45% increase in reorder rates, surpassed annual targets for app downloads by more than 25%, and added frequency of over 24% for new users.

We were able to reignite people's passion for the HungerStation brand as the innovators who changed the Saudi food delivery landscape forever and remind Saudis of who was there first.

Hunger Station Blast to the Past Case Study 1

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